A letter from Dr. Piper

To the Clientele of LVC, past, present & future,

It’s been 2 years since I officially retired. Since then I’ve been asked many times if I regret retiring from a profession to which I dedicated almost my entire adult life. My answer is always the same. I miss my staff, my clients & especially my patients but I don’t miss getting up & going to work every morning. I enjoy having the time to do things that I previously missed out on for one reason or another. I enjoy spending more time w/ my family especially my wife & grandchildren. I do however have one regret. That is, not having contacted each & every one of my clients to inform them that a transition in ownership was going to occur at LVC. The size of my client base made it impractical to do so. Now with a little more time on my hands & the assistance of social media, I would like to set the record straight.

My decision to retire did not come overnight. It took a few years of thought & planning. My main concerns were the well-being of my patients, clients & staff. I wanted the veterinary practice that I started from the ground up back in 1979 to continue providing the care & service that my clients became accustomed to over the years. I wanted my caring & loyal staff to be taken care of in a way that they were deserving. I did not want to sell to a corporation like other veterinary practices have chosen to do. Fortunately, I had in-house interest in purchasing the practice. It was important to me that the new buyer would treat the staff & clientele with the respect that they deserved. This is exactly why Denise M. Nickodemus, DVM is the new owner of LVC.

Dr. Nickodemus had worked for me for the better part of 15 years. I always found her to be compassionate, trustworthy, respectful, honest & mature. She possesses the experience & expertise to care for my patients the way I would want. Since purchasing LVC in January of 2014, with her eye on the future, Dr. Nickodemus has strived for continual improvement & advancement of her practice. Since my departure from LVC, Dr. Nickodemus has made some changes, from personnel to the actual physical plant. She is continually adding new equipment as well as upgrading existing instruments to provide the best veterinary care that she & her staff can. I am confident that she has the skills, knowledge & experience to take what I started to the next level. That being said, I could not be more confident that Dr. Nickodemus will continue to provide my clients & patients with the best veterinary care possible.

Finally, to all my clients, I want to thank you so much for your loyalty & support for the last 35 years of my life. Without you, that which I have worked so hard to build, would not have been possible. In the best interest of your pets, I encourage you to continue to show Dr. Nickodemus the same loyalty & support that you gave me.

Respectfully, Frederick D. Piper, VMD


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