Sanchez Weyant

Sanchez aka "Sanchy" was rescued from the streets of Shippensburg, PA in the winter of 2007.  He had a cold so my college friends and I took him in.  We were an instant match because we both love to cuddle.  When it was time to graduate, I brought Sanchez home to live in Martinsburg, PA.  After approving my wonderful choice for a husband, Sanchez came to live with us at the farm house.

Sanchez loved to hunt, be outside and get into mischief.  He became an expert mouser and even caught the occasional grasshopper, bird or chipmunk. Some of Sanchez's favorite toys were his kitty kicker and feather wand.  But he really loved catnip!  He also liked it when his Dad would sneak him food from the dinner table or ham while packing lunch.

We loved many things about Sanchez.  He had to have fresh water from the sink.  He liked to wake us up at night by pawing the bed and hopping up to snuggle.  Sanchez found his way into any cardboard box that could hold him.  Sometimes he would jump out from around corners and scare us bedtime.  He loved Christmas, and would lay under the tree every year.  He really loved to be the center of attention and made it hard to get school work finished because he would lay right on my books and computer.

~Sanchez will be greatly missed by our family.  We are happy that he is free from illness.  We had many years of great memories together.  You will be forever in our hearts, Sanchez.  Until we meet again~


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