Zach Rhode


Zach Rhode passed peacefully from this life Thursday, December 9, 2021, at Lakemont Veterinary Clinic in Altoona, PA.

A Yorkshire Terrier, Zach was the beloved pet of Lori Matta-Rhode and Jaden Rhode.

Zach began his new life with his "forever family" after being adopted February 25, 2012, from the York County SPCA in York, PA. Zach was rescued, along with two other Yorkies and a Pekingese, from "unsanitary conditions" after living with a hoarder. Zach was believed to be 4 years old at the time of his adoption.
Zach had many nicknames, including Zachie, Zacher, Zacherton, Buddy, and Pumpkin.

In his younger years, Zach was quite the jumper, easily clearing the couch and Mommy's bed. He even jumped up on a party guest's lap and stole a tortilla chip out of her hand while she was in the middle of a conversation. Zach also liked to jump off the front porch and take himself for a walk around the neighborhood.

Zach also loved to play, barking incessantly until someone would relent and throw him his ball or play tug of war with his rope toy. Zach also enjoyed barking at animals on TV, sometimes walking behind the TV stand in pursuit. He also enjoyed chewing on his chewies, which Mommy dubbed his "puppy pacifier."

Zach was renowned as a "ladies man." When Mommy was not around, he gravitated toward the next available female. Zach enjoyed giving kisses, but he always had the most for Mommy. He always enjoyed cuddling close to her, up until the very end.

Zach is finally free of the pain and illness that plagued him in the final months. He will be forever loved and greatly missed.


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