Max Rhode


Max Rhode passed peacefully from this life Wednesday, January 25, 2012, at Lakemont Veterinary Clinic in Altoona, PA, where he had been a patient since puppyhood.

A Yorkshire terrier, Max was born January 21, 1997. He was the beloved pet of Eric Rhode, Lori Matta-Rhode, and Jaden Rhode.
Max came to live with his "forever family" March 21, 1997, at the age of 8 weeks. He was so tiny the vet ordered he be fed "anything" for a few weeks to increase his weight, so his favorites became Italian sausage and Hamburger Helper.
Max had many nicknames, including Maxie, Maxer, Maxter, Maximilian, Macker, Mackie, Mr. Max, and Buddy.
In his younger years, he loved to play "Maxie in the Middle," chasing his ball back and forth between the living room and the dining room nearly to the point of exhaustion. He also loved to go for walks, often pulling on the leash, and he liked to chase squirrels - but he never caught one.
Max liked to play with his sister, Minnie, and sit on the back of the living room couch and look out the picture window (when Minnie wasn't around). He was quite a barker, though - he did not like any trucks that beeped when they backed up, tractor-trailers that passed by when he was traveling on the highway, and windshield wipers.
Max knew how sit, give a paw, lie down, roll over, and speak. He graduated third in his obedience class, and his unique trick was being able to tell the difference between his ball and his "ugly toy."
He also enjoyed chewing on paper products - tissues, napkins, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. He loved to open his own Christmas presents, and when he was a pup, he would grab the end of the hanging toilet paper and drag it around the dining room table.
In his final days, Max became quite the cuddler, napping on Mommy's chest and lap. But above all else, throughout his entire life, Max was the ultimate kisser. In fact, his tongue touched everything - faces, hands, arms, legs, toes, car windows, couches, blankets, clothes, carpets… Max was truly a dog who could not hold his licker.
Mr. Max is finally free of the pain that plagued him in his final days. He will be forever loved and greatly missed.


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