Minnie Rhode


Minnie Rhode passed peacefully from this life Saturday, September 4, 2010, in Martinsburg, Pa., after being a patient at Lakemont Veterinary Clinic for nearly 10 years.

A Yorkshire terrier mix, she was the beloved pet of Eric Rhode, Lori Matta-Rhode, and Jaden Rhode.

Minnie began her new life with her forever family after being adopted Oct. 15, 2000, from Action for Animals Humane Society, a no-kill shelter in Latrobe, Pa. She was believed to be 4 years old at the time of her adoption.

Minnie had many nicknames, including Minnie Girl, Minners, Minnie-Me, Miss Minnie, and Baby Girl.

In her younger years, she loved to play ball, and when her tiny soccer ball rolled under the living room couch, she often would grunt and bark until someone retrieved it for her.

She also loved to go for walks and chase squirrels even though she never caught one.

Minnie liked to play with her brother, Max, ride in the car, and receive belly rubs. Sometimes, she would run around the dining room table and into the living room several times before jumping up on the couch to lie down.

She knew three tricks: She could sit, give a paw, and lie on her back after someone shot her and shouted, Bang!

Minnie also knew how to relax. She loved to sit on the back of the living room couch and look out the picture window. Whenever she growled at something outside, she always sounded like she had marbles in her mouth.

In her older years, Minnie was quite a cuddler. She loved to give kisses and take a nap on Mommy's chest and she slept on Mommy's pillow every night.

She wore cute little doggie shirts to keep her warm after she lost her hair because of illness.

Minnie enjoyed many foods, but her favorites were bacon and barbecue beef. She could always be found in the kitchen when food was being prepared, closely watching the cook.

Miss Minnie is finally free of the pain and illness that had taken over her. She will be forever loved and greatly missed.


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