Macy O'Neill



Macy has been with me and my family since she was a pup.  She was so bad as a puppy.  She is the only dog I know that chewed up a brand new motorcycle - she chewed right through the fender!  But that was my girl.

Macy loved to go on walks, play ball and cuddle.  She loved to smile and get her picture taken.  We recently had pictures taken when we found out she was sick.  She loved her homemade doggy ice cream in the summertime.  She was not a fan of swimming - actually she was afraid of the water.  That's so strange for a Golden Retriever, but as a young pup she fell into the water at Canoe Creek, and I think it scarred her for life.

Macy has been through way too many illnesses.  She first had a skin disease which is why we brought her to Lakemont Veterinary Clinic.  She also had Lyme disease.  She had lymphoma which is what ended her life - but she lived longer than she was expected to.  We spent her last days cherishing every single day, and letting her do whatever she wanted and eat more different foods than she ever did.

She is now running and playing in the fields with her friends, pain free.

Until we meet again, Much Love.


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