Behavior Consultation

Behavior problems are frustrating for both the patient and their families. Successfully treating a behavior problem requires understanding the underlying causes and developing a specific treatment plan, just like any other medical problem. 

Lakemont Veterinary Clinic offers specialized appointments with Dr. 
Kayla Whitfield, to maximize your success in treating behavior problems! 

Prior to your appointment, you will need to fill out a detailed history form. In some cases, a pre-exam with your regular veterinarian will be needed to rule out other underlying medical conditions that could cause behavior changes. 

After your pet’s paperwork and medical records are reviewed, we will contact you to schedule a consultation. The initial consultation is 
30-90 minutes and includes a full written summary with behavior modification instructions, and recommendations for medications/supplements (if needed). 

Like any other medical problem, several rechecks will be required to assess your pet’s response and to make adjustments as needed. 

Behavior problems require a lot of work at home, but the reward of a happy and healthy pet will be worth the journey

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